Reminisce the moments. Nurture the dream

School always provides us with a treasure trove of moments. These may be days that we choose to remember forever and go back to for inspiration during tough times. These may be words of teachers, trainers or schoolmates that have motivated us to pursue our dreams. These may be pats in the back or simple smiles that have propelled us to move on when clouds are cast overhead. These may be those times that we choose to keep in the recesses of our own memory and secretly peep in when need be.

In BCPD, we did not only acquire the skills or memorize the concepts. More than that, we met people, gained their trust and learned from them. We influenced others much in the same way as were trained and honed.

This is our page. For those who have shaped or have been shaped by BCPD. Drop by and share your thoughts and experiences. Let the words, stories and pictures we leave here inspire more as we move forward and continue to NURTURE THE DREAM!

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BDCP Experience