Nurture the Dream

Nurture the Dream is a campaign to help in the education of young women. Since 1992, BCPD has been geared at fostering positive change in the lives of women by empowering them with knowledge, skills, values and a healthy attitude towards work and life.

Under the care of BCPD, students and trainees are not only taught technical skills and basic concepts that could make them effective and efficient as they acquire jobs or find a niche in the industry. More than that, they are imbued with values that give them longevity as they later on join the workforce, build their own business and establish a name for themselves.

In its two decades of existence, BCPD now looks forward to working with more individuals as it pursues its endeavour of empowering women. It dreams of a bigger community of women who know and appreciate their worth, maximize their skills and utilize their talents for their own self-development and for the benefit of society as a whole.

Through “Nurture the Dream” Project, BCPD invites you to be part of its community by giving assistance, in any way, to the many women around who are and who shall still be part of its growing family. Your assistance may be through any of the following means:

1.    Support a Student
2.    Educational Assistance
3.    Be a Benefactor-Mentor
4.    Expand our Reach

The life you change may even be your own.

Let us allow these individuals to touch our hearts.
Let us extend our hands to these women.
Let us Nurture their Dreams!