Students Usher TESDA Trainee’s Day

Students Usher TESDA Trainee’s Day


Reledev AusAID visit BCPD

The AusAid Project Manager, Ms. Martha Birimisa, paid a visit to BCPD last May 21-23, 2012. BCPD has been a beneficiary of Reledev-AusAid since 2005.  AusAID helps defray most of the expenses of the school. The 3-day visit was a monitoring activity of the AusAid beneficiaries.

A BCPD Feat: Cebu Goes Culinary 2012

It has become a daring tradition of the Banilad Center for Professional Development (BCPD) to participate in the Cebu Goes Culinary Competition which happens once every two years. The event is one of the most anticipated culinary events in the south of the Philippines. It brings the best in culinary prowess among the students and professionals for over many years. Entries in the various events of the competition showcase the skills and art that make cooking a memorable experience. It is organized by the Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Association of Cebu, Inc. (HRRACI) which gathers the different hotels, universities, schools and institutes reaching as far as nearby provinces of the Visayas  for this important competition.
The Cebu Goes Culinary 2012 took place last August 3-4, 2012 at the Cebu International Convention Center. BCPD participated as the only TESDA-accredited Technical Vocational institution with a two year program  joining this competition.

The school participated in five events. These were the Chef Wars, Dream Team challenge, Health and Wellness, Tablea Challenge and Dress the Cake. The Chef Wars was a battle of making the best dishes with the theme Modern Provincial Filipino. The team used guava as one of the main ingredients, knew the secret ingredient during the week of the competition, learned the recipes, wrote them from memory and executed them within an hour before distinguished judges headed by Chefs Jessie Sincioco, Raul Ramos and Myrna Segismundo. The judges commented that the BCPD students were systematic and orderly while doing their work. They praised the ingenuity behind the Pinangat na Bayabas which was the main dish of the team and gave a silver medal to the team.

In Health and Wellness, the group made salad made out of ingredients endemic to the country which were inexpensive but nutritious. This move was complimented by the judges as resourceful since lettuce was not used as the main ingredient for the dish. A silver medal was awarded to BCPD for the entry.

Meanwhile, the Dress the Cake Challenge entailed the presentation of fairytale-themed cakes. The colors red and black dominated the BCPD entry which was   named "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall" and used three new techniques in cake decorating. BCPD got a bronze medal for the cake.

Then there was the Dream Team challenge where the students had to prepare an entire meal for guest diners following a Middle Eastern theme. The BCPD group prepared Lebanese cuisine complete with costumes and table ware from the Middle East.  The girls entertained the diners with ease and bagged the gold medal.

In the tablea challenge, dessert and a drink were prepared using tablea.  A vast array of delicious chocolatey desserts were displayed after the one hour competition. The judges were treated to a hearty end for the day. For this challenge, BCPD got a diploma.

Aside from the main events participated by BCPD students, the school is also proud that some of its graduates who are now working in various hotels in the Region also represented their respective establishments and even won awards for the categories they joined. Such was a great showing of how the school alumnae continued the tradition of good work and excellence in their work place.

The two-day event indeed made another mark in the history of BCPD. The team would not have tasted victory without the selfless dedication of so many individuals whose support for the mission of the school fuels the team to aim for the BEST.  BCPD has been in the advocacy for empowering less privileged women with quality technical training for over twenty years.

The performance of the students as shown in their orderliness, cheerful, systematic and good work exemplified  BCPD’s vision. It was truly a FEAT!