Hotel and Restaurant Services I


This is the program for first year BCPD students. Major courses offered include: Food and Beverage Services, Bread and Pastry Production, Housekeeping and Commercial Cooking. Within the 10-month program, students are given 3-month On-the-Job Training in the middle of the Academic Year. They are distributed among the 70 industry partners for actual work experience and application of skills.

The school also facilitates the application from TESDA of National Certificates (NC II) for the students. So that, after taking up HRS I, the first year graduates now have the option to either work in the industry or proceed with their studies and take up HRS II.

Since these students come from the lower socio-economic class, some are tempted to stop schooling and look for a job with the aim of helping their family and sending to school their other brothers and sisters.