BCPD – Business Development Service Unit

The Business Development Service Unit (BDSU) is the business arm of BCPD which provides short courses in the form of skills trainings and seminars for Micro-Entrepreneurs in rural areas in the Philippines. BCPD-BDSU goes to the grass roots to help the people and teach them knowledge and skills so that they may start their own small business units. In so doing, residents from the rural areas are provided with other sources of income that enable them to support their families and improve the condition of their community.

The existence of the BCPD-BDSU is for a dual purpose. One, it aids rural micro-entrepreneurs as they start their own small business enterprises for alternative sources of livelihood. This is done through projects with government sectors. Second, the income from trainings conducted by BDSU is used to finance other needs of the school and its students.

The BCPD-BDSU has been commissioned a couple of times to provide training services as Business Development Service Provider for different public and private entities. Some of these projects being:

Capability-building and Organization of Micro-Entrepreneurs

BCPD-BDSU has worked with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), under the Rural Micro-Enterprise Promotion Programme (RuMEPP), a programme funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). The projects were aimed at organizing micro-entrepreneurs from rural areas in some parts of the country. The program beneficiaries were taught livelihood skills in food processing and handicraft making to help them start their own business. In order to facilitate the formation of local micro-enterprise, BCPD-BDSU also gave Organizational Development seminars as well as Financial Management, Marketing and Teambuilding activities. Among the beneficiaries were: Northern Samar, Eastern Samar, Leyte, Masbate, and Albay.

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Industry Career Guide for the Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Industry

BCPD-BDSU worked with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) in developing a career guide for the Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Industry. The project was an effort by DOLE to address the job-skills mismatch between the industry and the available manpower. This was done by conducting surveys and interviews among key players in the industry, members of the academe and students. The final output of the study is embodied in a publication to be made available by DOLE.


In-house Short Courses

BCPD also hosts short courses in Food Processing. These are usually scheduled during summer or semestral breaks. These courses are good alternatives for those who wish to learn the basics in cooking and baking. It could also be designed for a specific group of participants such as those who wish to learn certain cooking skills for application in business.

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Trainings and Seminars for Public and Private Establishments

BCPD started giving trainings in private establishments in response to the need of some of its industry partners. Trainings given range from customer service, values formation and skills needed in the service industry.

Aside from the private industry, BCPD had also been commissioned by public entities like the Department of Tourism (DOT), and TESDA to give personality enhancement seminars for its employees.

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A.    Skills for the Service Industry
B.    Organizational Enhancement
C.    Food and Meat Processing
D.    Micro-Enterprise Development
E.    Personality Development
F.    Other Skills Trainings
Handicraft Making
Arts and Crafts