About Us

The Banilad Center for Professional Development (BCPD) is a technical vocational school that offers programs in Hotel and Restaurant Services for young women with meager financial means.

The school is a project of the Foundation for Professional Training, Inc. (FPTI), a non-stock, non profit, non-governmental organization that envisions “women committed to service and human development”.  Aside from BCPD, FPTI operates four (4) other technical vocational schools in Metro Manila and Laguna.

Being a project of a foundation, the students enrolled in BCPD are mostly scholars as they have to pay only half of the tuition fee once they pass the exam. With grants from certain institutions and aid from kind hearts, BCPD is able to provide additional scholarships and discounted fees for its students who come from the lower socio-economic class.

The institution started in 1992 and got its accreditation a year later.  In 1994, the school started to link with establishments in the Hotel Industry for on-the-job training of its students.  In 1997, it was granted a registration certificate by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) for the Dualized Training Program in Food and Beverage Services.  Since then, BCPD has established linkage with more industry partners, trained many women, equipped them with various skills and empowered them to start their own business or to be gainfully employed in the industry.

At present, BCPD has the following major programs:

1.    Hotel and Restaurant Services I (HRS I)
2.    Hotel and Restaurant Services II (HRS II)
3.    In-Residence Training Program (IRTP)
4.    Short Courses

Competencies offered by BCPD in its programs vary among the following: Food & Beverage NC II, Commercial Cooking NCII (Has 12 Core Competencies including Meat and, Fruits & Vegetables Processing and Packaging and Labeling for Prepared Foodstuffs), Bartending NCII, Front Office Services NC II, Housekeeping NC II, Baking and Pastry Production NC II,     Bread & Pastry Production NC II, Customer Service NC II, Tour Guiding Services NC II, and Food Processing NC II.

In recent years, BCPD has responded to industry retraining needs for upgrading of skills and services in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry. The school delivers short courses which provide women with knowledge and skills needed to start various micro-enterprises to provide their means of livelihood.  These trainings enable them to be catalysts for growth within their community and provide alternative skills to enhance livelihood options.